Almost everyone wants to quit their regular 9-5 job and become their boss. But despite wanting to do it, no one does it because of how unrealistic it sounds. Sounds like a dream, right?

But, there are legitimate ways of earning money and breaking the shackles of financial captivity. Along with your regular job, you can now have a steady side income. After working for a few months, you will be able to quit your regular job someday.

After extensive research, I have come across “Commission Hero” that gave me a steady income alongside my regular job. A lot of you might be wondering whether Commission Hero is a scam or is it legitimate. Hopefully, no question of yours will remain unanswered after going through this article.

A lot of newbies will get confused about how the Commission hero works. In this article, a detailed explanation of the pros, cons, and procedures of the Commission Hero has been given.

Commission Hero 365 Review

The overall summary of the Commission Hero is given below,

Name: Commission Hero

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing System

Idea: Robby Blanchard


Where to Buy: Official Website

Who is Robby Blanchard?

Before getting into Commission Hero, you need to know about its founder Robby Blanchard. Robby first gained his fame through Clickbank. In an affiliate marketing contest organized by Clickbank, Robby Blanchard made most of the sales. He ranked first in this contest. This is where Robby Blanchard’s fame started.

Before winning this contest, he was just an ordinary man like us. He had his gym called “Crossfit.” But it ultimately closed down. So, he started his fitness venture in online marketing platforms. After a lot of exploration, he is now one of the top Clickbank affiliates. He is currently earning a six-digit figure daily.

Sometimes Blanchard earns about 50k-60k in a day. So, Robby Blanchard courses are the best way for you to step into the online marketing world. These courses have detailed explanations about what marketers should do and shouldn’t do. So, Robby Blanchard courses would be the best way to get started if you are a newbie.

What is Commission Hero?

Now that we’re done knowing about Robby Blanchard let us know what Commission Hero is all about.

Commission Hero is an affiliate marketing course by Robby Blanchard. This course mainly teaches people to earn money as affiliates. Don’t worry about the legitimacy because this course is being led by the very best, an expert affiliate, none other than Robby Blanchard.

His courses are more focused on the type of mistakes most market affiliates tend to make and how to develop effective solutions. In market affiliation, even the tiniest mistake can put you in grave loss, so it’s better to be familiar with the common mistakes and errors.

Through this course, people can directly learn from an expert affiliate who has earned fame and recognition from all over the world. He has also confessed to making about 50,000 USD within a day. This is how good he is!

You can finally earn your financial freedom through Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard. Say goodbye to your regular 9-5 job.


What is inside the Course?

Robby Blanchard’s course mainly has two learning aspects. The first aspect is the guide that helps learners thoroughly understand Hero commission’s concept and get started with it. The initial steps of getting started with Commission Hero are,

  • Creating Facebook accounts
  • Searching for lucrative images that generate more engagement
  • Building landing pages
  • Running Facebook ads
  • Getting the right offers

The second significant aspect of this course is the unlimited support the creator of Commission Hero provides. Robby Blanchard is no ordinary founder who will leave his users out in the competitive world of marketing all alone. He started a Commission Hero support group where the users can connect from across the globe. You will get most of your answers from this group. Robby Blanchard himself is a part of this Facebook group. If you’re lucky, he might answer your question.

This course can successfully teach anyone about the secrets of affiliate marketing. Commission Hero will cover some essential things at the end of this course. They are,

  • Landing pages
  • Training system
  • Better selection for ad images
  • Private coaching group
  • Live sessions by Robby Blanchard

So, this is the overview of the Commission Hero course. These are the things that you will get to know by this course.

Does the Commission Hero System Work?

Now, most of you are probably wondering whether Commission Hero is going to work. Well, at the end of this article, the system of Commission Hero will be clear for you.

It just sounds too good to be true, right? But this is indeed real and not a hoax. It will work for you. The most crucial part of earning money through this system is by following every step carefully. Skipping any step or making any mistake will remarkably affect your results. So, always be careful while going through the steps of this course.

Some strategies are followed in the commission hero course. They are,

  • First, you need to find the right offer to promote. The members’ area already outlines a few examples of high converting offers. It’s mostly for learners.
  • Second of all, create your landing page. Commission Hero has several templates through which you can make great landing pages.
  • Next up is an important step. You need to drive traffic using Facebook ads. Commission Hero will show you the steps to achieve it.
  • Lastly, scale the winning ads.
  • Carefully conduct this process repeatedly. And don’t make any mistakes.

How Can You Make Money With Commission Hero?

You cannot get rich overnight by using Commission Hero. Earning money through this system is quite a lengthy process. But with patience and persistency, anyone can earn up to a few grands easily. There is no direct way of earning money through Commission Hero. But, it has a system affiliate that generates money.

So, aren’t you curious about how you can earn money through Commission Hero? Now, I will be explaining how Commission Hero really works in generating money. At the end of the course, you will learn how to search for other people’s product and promote it on Facebook. You will also learn how to convert leads into sales and how to collect commissions from them.

Affiliate marketing is all about using paid or free traffic. In the case of Commission Hero, you need to be willing to spend money on Facebook ads. Because Commission Hero entirely works on paid traffic through Facebook ads. Despite being a bit costly, you will get your reward as soon as possible. By going through Commission Hero’s training guide and making engaging landing pages, you will get maximum profit.

So who is the Commission Hero for?

Commission Hero is not for everyone. Because the process of earning money through affiliate marketing is a complex yet simple process, it is complicated for those who cannot fully grasp affiliate marketing. In comparison, it is simple for those who are eager to learn the tricks behind affiliate marketing.

Apart from this, Commission Hero is also for those who are ready to promote ClickBank products and who are eager to learn about Robby’s experience in the world of affiliate marketing.

Can Commission Hero work for Me?

Yes, of course, it can work for you. All you need to do is follow the entire program very carefully. We would highly recommend Commission Hero’s affiliate program for those who have a knack for affiliate marketing. Understand the whole procedure and keep practicing. One day, you will also become the next Robby Blanchard.

Should I buy the Commission Hero course?

You are probably wondering whether commission hero is worth it or not, or if commission hero is legit?

Well, here are the answers to all of your questions. Yes, Commission Hero will definitely be worth your money and time. And it is not a scam. The overall cost of commission hero is nothing compared to the profit you will generate. Most commission heroes’ reviews are also positive, so purchasing commission hero will not waste your money.

Commission Hero Pricing and Payments

The price of Commission Hero is 997$. Users can pay it at once or in two installments. Those who prefer paying through installments have to pay 597$ for a single installment. The duration between the installments is thirty days apart.

There is a downside in choosing the installment method. After a few calculations, it was observed that you would have to pay an extra $197. So, paying in one go is a better option.

Commission Hero also provides discounts and free courses for its users. Keep an eye out on the commission to check the free courses. There is also a commission hero refund policy. But it is a bit problematic. Since this is an honest review, we will come clean about the drawbacks of Commission Hero. The refund policy is complicated because you have to wait about 12 months before requesting a refund. And after 12 months you have to request a refund within a week. Or else you will not be able to request a refund.


Commission Hero Pros and Cons


  • Robby Blanchard is a legitimate instructor who teaches hundreds of users across the globe his secrets behind affiliate marketing.
  • You can learn about first-hand experience, tactics, and strategies by the most outstanding affiliate, Robby Blanchard.
  • There are no hidden costs in Commission Hero. It is a one-time payment system.
  • Commission Hero is not a scam, and it has worked for a lot of people. There are numerous positive reviews by real people who have used Commission Hero before.


  • Commission Hero is too expensive. Since it has a one traffic method, it needs upfront investment.
  • Commission Hero’s refund policy is complicated, and you might not get your money back.
  • Paid traffic is a bit risky. If you make any mistake, you might lose your money.
  • The amount of money spent on ads is unknown. So, there will be some unexpected expenditure while using Commission Hero.

Commission Hero Course Alternatives

Commission Hero vs. Super Affiliate System

There are some alternative affiliate systems other than Commission Hero. The most notable one is the Super Affiliate System. It is currently one of the most popular affiliate marketing systems. John Crestani is the founder of the Super Affiliate System. The pricing of Commission Hero and Super Affiliate system is the same. It is 997$ only.

However, the significant difference between them is that users can learn within six weeks in the Super Affiliate System case. And the courses have more in-depth knowledge. So learners spend a lot of time. But, in Commission Hero’s courses, they are to the point. So, users prefer Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero over Super Affiliate System.


Is Commission Hero legit or a scam?

Are you still thinking that Commission Hero is a scam? Well, at the end of this article, you will be convinced that Commission Hero is a fair deal.

Commission Hero might seem like a scam to most of you, but its success stories will make you think otherwise. There are so many positive reviews by users in different commission hero forums and Reddit threads. These are honest reviews, and most people have also reviewed the methods. To have your own success story, all you need to do is sign up for the Commission Hero training.

Commission Hero Real User Reviews

Commission Hero’s program has helped me earn a six-figure digit within a few weeks. Thank you, Robby! – Andy Scott

I was utterly clueless about affiliate marketing before I came across Commission Hero. The Facebook group, forums, and Reddit threads are very helpful. I am glad I enrolled in this course. – Garcia

I am highly recommending Robby’s Commission Hero because it has helped me leave my monotonous 9-5 job and earn financial freedom by myself. I feel like a free bird now, thanks to him. – Sam Smith

Commission Hero will be worth your money. I was quite skeptical about it at first, but I am glad that I chose Commission Hero.- James Young

This course has helped me improve significantly and now I have grasped the concept of affiliate marketing completely.

Commission Hero Reviews- Final Verdict

So, to sum it all Commission Hero provides one of the best affiliate marketing courses in the world. There are very few courses that are legitimate. Most affiliate programs tend to scam people through hidden charges. But in Commission Hero, there are no hidden charges and this is a one payment system. Amazing, right?

Commission Hero stands out the most from its competitors because of the straight to the point knowledge and live training sessions provided by Robby Blanchard. His courses can teach almost anyone the secrets behind affiliate marketing. All you need to do is follow every step very carefully. Any kind of mistake or error will cause a lot of damage.

The program drives traffic using Facebook ads into the affiliate orders. The paid traffic may seem like a downside but the results will amaze you. So remain persistant and you will get your reward.

The FAQs Commission Hero Affiliate Program

Is ClickBank any good?

ClickBank is definitely worth the try. It is an associate program to Amazon. So, they offer products to its affiliates by recommending to its readers. Getting commission is also easy. You can earn money by crossing a sale. So, ClickBank will be worth your time.

How do you make money from ClickBank?

At first, to earn money using Clickbank you will have to start the process as an affiliate. You will then have to promote pages already optimized for sales funnels. The main strategies are to research keyword for SEO and to select the right product to promote.

What is ClickBank used for?

ClickBank is a marketplace for affiliate marketers. It is also a site for content creators. Robby Blanchard’s fame and success started by getting the most sales in a Clickbank contest. Most affiliate marketers who are now at the top started their journey from ClickBank. The team keeps a database of all sales and checkout processes for any product.

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